Why MLCS Ltd?

30 years experience / knowledge in IT / computer networking / internet connectivity

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MD Mike Luxford writes;

Global brands, blue chip products added MLCS Ltd, “it just works”.

With 30 years’ in IT, computer networking and internet connectivity we have the experience, knowledge and contacts to deliver change that works.

Not change for the sake of it, but change because it delivers business benefits and savings enabling you to focus on what matters to your business.

Big brands have some of the best products but they don’t have the resources to reach the UK SME sized businesses, which is where even established technology like Hosted VoIP can go wrong.

The fact is that BT are switching off their traditional business ISDN network, Hosted VoIP is the replacement, if you have a traditional telephone system and lines in your business, you need to do something.

Hosted VoIP “just works” providing you stick to the guidelines. We fill that gap between businesses and big brands to ensure the products do “just work” in your business.

Global brands, blue chip products added Mike “it just works”

My reputation and quality of service got us to be an Authorised Supplier of BT, they recognize the value we bring to businesses switching to Hosted VoIP

Honest, straightforward advice (if you ring BT you use a 0800 number and speak to an auto-attendant who puts you through to a franchised sales operation called BT Local)

There are;

  • No monthly charges for the 4G
  • No data charges for using the 4G

NB: With a leased line connection, you have Service Level Agreements and guaranteed uptime.

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