Businesses are increasingly demanding fixed monthly costs, we see this already with equipment, buildings, cars etc. We can now offer all of your Technology in a fixed monthly/quarterly payment and if you choose the ‘subscription model’ it is cheaper than buying the technology upfront. Technology gets dated and needs replacing but it does retain a residual value. We take this residual value and deduct it from the cost upfront, so you pay less. Plus we can include associated items such as installation, support, training, maintenance and insurance.

For example

Apple iPhone Xs Max – 256Gb costs £1,249.00 or on a 24month subscription it costs £1,006.72 or £1.38/day a saving of £242.28


DELL Vostro 5471 laptop (i5, 8Gb, 256Gb, 14”) costs £699.00 or on a 24month subscription it costs £603.00 or 83p/day a saving of £96.00

NB: There is a minimum order value of £1,000 and all orders are subject to terms and conditions

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