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BT Broadband

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BT Broadband

The delivered broadband speed is directly related to the distance you are from the Exchange. The availability of Superfast and now Ultrafast broadband is improving all the time and the costs of dedicated fibre circuits are also falling meaning there is a wide choice of services to consider. The options are;

  • BT Broadband (ADSL) upto 17mbps
  • BT Infinity (FTTC) upto 80/20mbps
  • BT Ultrafast (GFast) upto 314/48mbps
  • BT Infinity Ultra (FTTP upto 330/30mbps

BTNet Express 2-30mbps symmetric speeds with 99.95% availability and 7 hour fault fix

BTNet Leased Line 30, 50 or 100mbps with 100% service availability and 5 hour fault fix

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